Four East African artists to buy

Issy D'Arcy Clark
13 August 2014

As the art market in Kenya and beyond becomes increasingly valuable, we look at a quartet of the fastest-rising stars

Paul Onditi
With his signature figure of Smokey, the ethereal character who lurks in his canvases, Onditi rifles through his vast repertoire of techniques, from filmstrips to print, to create his art.

Ephrem Solomon
Born in 1983, Solomon creates sociopolitical works that reflect contemporary Ethiopia by mixing newspaper, the tradition of woodcut and graphic elements.

Michael Soi
The Kenyan artist's sexually explicit take on African power struggles resulted in his show Sex and the City. Soi began as a sculptor and is a member of the second generation of Kenyan artists from Kuona Trust.

Sane Wadu
Considered one of the pioneers of Kenyan art, Wadu began his career by using household paints on clothing but has now adapted to the more conventional oil on canvas. He is the founder of the Sane Wadu Art Trust.

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