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I'll be Packing

I’ll be packing: Lara Pulver

May 2009

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Robin Hood actress Lara Pulver reveals what’s in her suitcase
Actress Lara Pulver reveals what's in her suitcase |, the website for British Airways High Life magazine
Lara Pulver plays Isabella, the sister of Guy of Gisborne, in the BBC's Robin Hood
Dean Belcher. Hair and make-up by Aimee Robinson

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I was in the Maldives for my honeymoon last year and I would get up early in the morning to run along the beach as the sun was rising

I went to Paris last Christmas and fell in love with the place. Drinking Champagne and watching the fireworks from the rooftop of the Châtelet Theatre was the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve.

Budapest is like a rugged Paris and I’d recommend it for a quick break, but my favourite city is New York – I love the energy, the pace and the optimism. New Zealand is on my travel wishlist, and I would love to do a road trip along the west coast of the States.

My Asics trainers come on every trip with me. I started running about four years ago and it gives me a real buzz. I was in the Maldives for my honeymoon last year and I would get up early in the morning to run along the beach as the sun was rising.

Decléor is my favourite beauty brand so I use its sun-protection cream on holidays. I had a three-day shoot in a water tank in Budapest and really relied on Decléor moisturiser to stop my skin from drying out.

My iPod has an eclectic range of music on it, from jazz singers like Sara Bareilles to the Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon. Jason Mraz has a cool holiday sound and Stevie Wonder makes a good beach soundtrack.

I always take my journal and camera. I started keeping a journal about three years ago to document moments of my life that I want to remember.

A carton of rice milk is always in my suitcase. It sounds odd but I’m dairy intolerant so I take one in case I can’t find a local health food shop.

A Lonely Planet guide and an autobiography are my reading material. I’ve just read Helen Mirren’s book. And I take something spiritual – Paulo Coelho is a favourite author.

A gorgeous necklace that belonged to my nan goes everywhere with me. It’s got a beautiful big amber stone and makes me feel good.

Lara Pulver stars in Robin Hood on BBC1.

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Posted by Emma Parfitt


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