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Ask the pilot: Captain Dominic Howard-Jones

June 2012

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British Airways pilots have experienced some memorable flights. This month, 
Captain Dominic Howard-Jones on adding a personal touch to his announcements
Captain Dominic Howard-Jones photographed at London Gatwick North Terminal
Andrea Artz for High Life Magazine

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Much to my bemusement I have a bit of a fan club who appreciate my quirky announcements in-flight. Several have written in to say they enjoyed my repartee! It's nice to know that they've enjoyed themselves and that I can make a difference to their flight.

My grandfather's flying career began as an air gunner in Bristol F2 Fighters, a biplane, and included action in the Waziristan campaign in the early 1920s (part of modern-day Afghanistan) and continued throughout WW2. From him came both my interest in flying and a sense of duty and honour.

Flying has a tremendous freedom to it. It's remarkable that man has managed to understand aerodynamics and then design and build contraptions that have taken people to the outer reaches of the world within 100 years or so.

Budding pilots should focus on being rounded, confident, honourable individuals and real team players.

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful nature looks from 35,000ft. Landing in Sicily, I've seen lava flows glowing red at dusk when Mount Etna was having a grumble. My favourite route from a visual point of view is the approach to Salzburg: the panorama takes your breath away.

To watch the world go by while being in charge of a plane is a dream come true. Nothing gives me a greater thrill than taking a full plane of people to a destination that they wish to go to whether that is holidays or on business.

I'm happiest when I'm flying my family, but if I had to choose someone else to be a passenger it would perhaps be Boris Johnson. He has something rather quirky and eccentric about 
him, which partly mirrors my own personality. I think he'd be a fascinating character to converse with.

Interview: Ianthe Butt

Have you got any questions for BA's pilots? If so please leave them in the comments box below and we may include them in future interviews.

Posted by Ianthe Butt


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