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Notes From a Traveller

Notes from a traveller: Jack Black

September 2011

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Making origami for Angelina Jolie, British music and rollerblading in China: Jack Black talks travel
Jack Black shares his thoughts on travel
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Travel introduces you to the strangest new fads. After visiting Asia, I'm now into making and collecting origami. Seriously, I spent days making Angelina Jolie, my co-star in Kung Fu Panda 2, a card from special origami paper. It was the ultimate birthday present.

I've always been a little obsessed with studying martial arts, even though I have never really had the physique to pull it off myself. But, hey, I'm sure I'd have been able to scare Bruce Lee in a kung fu battle. I'd have started off strong but he'd probably have punched me once and that would have been it. I'm basically a black-belt in my own mind and in my own house.

Pandas are an endangered species so we should all try to visit them in zoos. Any zoo that actually has a panda is probably one of the finest. San Diego Zoo is a pretty awesome place to spend a day. The zookeepers let you interact with some of the tamer species and, although I'm fine with touching most animals, snakes are a big no-no for me. I'm actually very scared of them.

I was brought up close enough to Mexico to fall in love with the food. Chicken casadias with tortillas are my absolute favourite and, when I was old enough, a good Mexican beer to wash it down.

I'm a little disappointed I haven't been to China yet. I'd go tomorrow if I could. I'd love to Rollerblade the whole of the Great Wall of China for fun if I got the chance. It would be a pretty amazing event as you'd be able to see it from outer space.  

Space travel fascinates me. I grew up a huge sci-fi fan and I always wanted to be bionic like the Six Million Dollar Man. I think being an astronaut and travelling around the solar system would be the coolest job. I'd like to play a Darth Vader-type villain next, but instead I'm a muppet in The Muppets!

Everywhere you go in California you constantly hear the great British rock bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles and, er, Whitesnake. Anyone travelling there will understand why a fella like me from Santa Monica would choose School of Rock as the favourite movie I've made so far.

Jack Black's latest film, Kung Fu Panda 2, is showing on selected flights

Posted by Andrew Threfall


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