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Street art of Sao Paulo

March 2012

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The Brazilian city's vibrant graffiti scene has migrated from the railway sidings to some of 
the most prestigious galleries, says Jemima Sissons
Artist Speto's work on the streets of São Paulo
Courtesy of Choque Cultural

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Today, Brazilian graffiti art is big business

It started in the 1980s with street artists taking over urban spaces in São Paulo as a political statement, and quickly evolved along with the hip-hop scene into graphic warfare. Today, however, Brazilian graffiti art is big business. With many street artists now household names 
across the global art world, graffiti is commanding big bucks and the second International Biennal of Graffiti is planned for autumn.

Walk through the neighbourhood of Vila Madalena and you'll soon spot the young Beatles jumping out of a wall or workmen staring at you from a garage door. Turn into Batman's Alley and the show really begins. Often changing every few months, every inch of this alleyway is covered with beautiful murals — some purely graphic, some verging on the sci-fi, others humorous or political — but all highly skilled.

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Posted by Jemima Sissons



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