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Quiz: Can you guess where these Oscar-nominated movies were really filmed?

New Zealand famously filled in for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But which other Oscar-winning movies have used a doppelgänger destination while filming? Take our quiz below

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Simon Le Bon: Five of the best diving sites in the world

The Duran Duran musician and ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation gives us the inside track on the world’s finest spots for ocean diving

60 second interview: George Clooney

From Kentucky to Darfur via Lake Como, George Clooney talks travel

60 second interview: Hugh Jackman

The Sydney-born Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman reveals his top travel destinations including rediscovering off the beaten track locations in Australia

What I pack... Gloria Steinem

Journalist, activist and avid spokeswoman for the feminist movement since the 1960s, 
Gloria Steinem has had a lifetime of travelling the world and putting it to rights. In our regular series, she reveals her essential items for any journey

John Simpson: letter from San Diego

What the world’s most famous correspondent gets up to off duty. This month he heads to San Diego

Six authentic Chinese restaurants in London

There’s more to Chinese food in the UK than the spring rolls and sweet and sour sauce. To celebrate Chinese New Year, Matt Hutson hunts down the London restaurants returning to the motherland for inspiration

Interview: Comedian David Morgan

The I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of Here! Now! presenter has had audiences rolling in the aisles all over the world. He talks to High Life about expats in Thailand, plane break-ups and describing Noel Edmonds to a European audience

Keith’s Connections: Los Angeles

This month, BA's executive chairman shares his thoughts on LA

Comedian Darren Walsh’s funniest travel puns

He won Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015. Now the comedian is making High Life groan with his top ten travel puns

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50 States in 52 Weeks: Road tripping from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

While visiting Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park back-to-back makes for a memorable holiday, guidebook author Alan Rider says the road trip between them can be half the fun

50 states in 52 weeks: Thanksgiving traditions in Alaska, Iowa, Kentucky and West Virginia

Not all Thanksgiving holiday celebrations are just about parades, pies and presidential turkey. Jessica Teas looks at how four states celebrate in very unique ways

50 states in 52 weeks: why Delaware is the craft beer capital of the USA

Despite being the nation’s second-smallest state, Delaware is carving out a reputation as a craft beer capital in the USA. Local writer Danielle Bouchat-Friedman reports on what’s brewing

50 states in 52 weeks: road tripping Utah’s ‘Mighty Five’ national parks

With wild and rugged canyons, dramatic red rocks and camera-ready sunsets, Utah is hard to beat for a scenic road trip. Bob Howells gears up for a tour of the state’s big five national parks

50 states in 52 weeks: Wyoming and North Dakota

Often overlooked in favour of their more famous neighbouring states, Wyoming and North Dakota still have plenty of charm, from historic hotels to wild landscapes. Robert Reid hits the road

50 states in 52 weeks: highlights of a road trip along the Mississippi Delta

Mississippi native Holly Whitfield shares her favourite stops on the Mississippi Delta — aka the most Southern place on earth

50 states in 52 weeks: eat and drink the world in Alabama’s Pepper Place

Birmingham, Alabama might be best known as the cradle of the US civil rights movement, but today, top chefs are cooking up a new image for the Magic City by blending a farm-to-table ethos with international sophistication — and nowhere more so than Pepper Place. Local writer Eric Velasco takes a seat at the world’s table

50 states in 52 weeks: Hawaii for food lovers

Forget Spam: thanks to a new wave of creative chefs and a renewed interest in culinary traditions, Hawaiian cuisine is quietly undergoing a hip resurgence, both at home and abroad. Deborah Dunn eats her way around Oahu, the islands’ foodie epicentre

50 states in 52 weeks: Nebraska’s live music scene

Nebraska inconceivably became the epicenter of the indie music world in the early 2000s, thanks to three homegrown bands making waves nationally. But you can still catch great live music in its big cities today. Omaha-based music writer and blogger Tim McMahan gives us a lowdown on the scene