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London: What’s on in August 2015

Your essential itinerary of what to do in the capital if you have 24 hours to spare

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An A-Z of the best British food

Argentinian empanadas, Bavarian chicken and Canadian poutine... Food blogger Chris Pople guides you on 
where to eat the best global dishes — without leaving Britain

21 landmarks for the 21st century

When we asked our readers to name the iconic sites that define Britain today, the long list ran to thousands, from Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage to Big Ben. Simon Calder and our expert panel met to debate the final cut

Podcast: 21 landmarks for the 21st century

We sifted through thousands of votes to come up with a long list of 40 landmarks, to be presented for consideration by a distinguished panel of judges. Here’s what happened when they met to whittle it down to just 21

Britain: the new national identities

In 1941, George Orwell equated Englishness with solid breakfasts and gloomy Sundays, green fields and red pillarboxes. But how do the English define themselves today? And how about the Scots and the Welsh? As part of our special British issue, novelists Sebastian Faulks, Owen Sheers and AL Kennedy share their thoughts on our new national identities in 2015

Quiz: what’s your real British identity?

To the rest of the world we are still the UK, but the nations of mainland Britain seem intent on pulling apart, or at the very least drawing discrete boundaries of identity through greater devolution and repeated mutterings about independence. If you are a Brit unsure where your loyalties lie — or a non-Brit uncertain of what the differences are — our quiz will make things clear

Manchester: the great north

From the industrial revolution to the heady days of the Haçienda, Manchester has been through many incarnations — yet it has always languished in the shadow of London. But that’s about to change. Laura Barton meets professional Mancunian, Noel Gallagher, and reports on a unique city that’s taking on the capital

Restaurant review: House of Ho, London

In a city overflowing with boozy brunch menus, this dark and sultry Soho restaurant stands out from the crowds with its modern Vietnamese flare and excellent value for money. Anisha Patel digs in

London theatre: plays for August

Theatre blogger Edward Lukes rounds up the best new stage shows for August, from Ben Whishaw in Bakkhai to Benedict Cumberbatch’s turn as Hamlet

Hong Kong in seven bars

Order a morning cup of tea in Hong Kong, and there’s every chance it might have been filtered through pantyhose and topped up with condensed milk. But what if you are heading out at night? Here are seven of Hong Kong’s best bars

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50 states in 52 weeks: seven reasons you need to visit Florida

Yes, there are the famous theme parks, but there’s more to the Sunshine State than rollercoasters. With wildlife spotting, plenty of shopping opportunities and more golf courses than anywhere else in the US, there’s a piece of Florida for everyone

Global tribes: New York’s senior style mavens

The global groups, trends and subcultures you may not know about. This month, the unlikely but fabulous fashionistas of New York

Six New York food markets where you can lunch with locals

Indoor food halls may not be NYC’s claim to fame, but a renewed interest is changing the way locals eat. Want to browse all of the city’s buzz-worthy bites under one roof? These are your best bets, says local food writer Elspeth Velten

North Fork: Welcome to the Un-Hamptons

One of the historical holiday colonies of the American Northeast, The Hamptons is the super-exclusive province of millionaires and billionaires. While the smart set stay south, the bargain hunters and tastemakers head for the spectacular wetlands of Long Island’s North Fork. But how long can it retain its innocence? Mark Jones pays a visit

The freezing trail from Alaska to Vancouver

Seasoned independent traveller Simon Calder doesn't do cruises. But hold the light entertainment: the cruise from Alaska to Vancouver is a journey to the rugged, freezing, awe-inspiring edge of the world

Washington: beyond the West Wing

A kindred spirit of Harlem in NYC, Washington’s U Street was known as ‘Black Broadway’ in the 1950s. After a cycle of decline, regeneration and gentrification, Chris Leadbeater finds that the area never really lost its soul

Banks: my LA

The singer-songwriter sensation and LA local gives Britt Collins the inside track on where to shop, eat and see live music in Los Angeles

San Francisco: Maupin's real Tales of the City

He's been called the man who ‘invented San Francisco' but with his final Tales of the City book in the bag, has Armistead Maupin moved on? He talks to Eva Wiseman about fame, fans and visiting Russia

The demise and rise of Detroit

Detroit once embodied the American Dream. Today, the jobs have gone, and so has anyone who was able to get out. But could hitting rock bottom mark a new beginning? A year after the city was declared bankrupt, Faris Mustafa finds a land of opportunity

Seattle's best street food

To celebrate the Chowtzer Awards for the world's best fast, cheap and street-style food this weekend, we ask Seattle food blogger Naomi Bishop some quickfire questions about her favourite local mouthfuls