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Six of Los Angeles’ most rock’n’roll hotels

It’s no secret that rock’n’roll’s most famous dalliances have taken place in LA. But it’s not (always) about TVs smashing out of the window and Champagne baths. Natalie James picks the hotels where you can get into the spirit of musical legends past and present

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When The Beatles met Elvis in LA

On 27 August 1965, pop music’s waning King met its new revolutionaries. It was to be the only time that Elvis Presley ever encountered the Beatles. Rob Crossan meets Elvis’ widow Priscilla and close confidante Jerry Schilling to hear what really happened on that historic night in Los Angeles

Simon Roberts: social landscapes of England

In an upcoming exhibition, British photographer Simon Roberts explores how the folk of England interact with their surrounding landscape

Five things to do in Marrakech with kids

It might not be an obvious family holiday destination, but Marrakech is a blow to the senses and can capture the imagination of children of all ages. Rowena Carr-Allinson picks five activities that are bound to be sure-fire winners

50 states in 52 weeks: highlights of Route 66 in New Mexico and Oklahoma

It may run over 2,400 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, but this historic highway is best seen at its heart — in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Robert Reid, Oklahoma native and Route 66 regular, picks his highlights along America’s most iconic road

My London: Hannah Martin

Jewellery designer Hannah Martin is a Central Saint Martins graduate and has a showroom in East London. She talks about her highlights in the capital, from her favourite tapas restaurant in Clerkenwell to rocking out at gigs in Kentish Town

Santorini: an insider’s guide

British Airways now has direct flights from London City airport to Santorini — the Greek island of white-washed villages, impossibly azure seas and, of course, glorious caldera sunsets. Laury Smith is swept away

London: What’s on in July 2015

Mini itineraries for what's new, hot and interesting in the capital this month, whether you have 7, 12 or 24 hours to spare

From the Valleys: Welsh Patagonia

It’s one of the great stories of human migration... The small Welsh community who, in 1865, set sail from their homeland with a dream of building a new nation. They battled uninhabitable terrain, bitter winters and prejudice — but their legacy, as E Wyn James discovers, is a small corner of Patagonia that is forever Wales. Photography by Ben Roberts

Jonathan Ross says...

The broadcaster and film critic reviews the latest inflight films. This month: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘

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Six New York food markets where you can lunch with locals

Indoor food halls may not be NYC’s claim to fame, but a renewed interest is changing the way locals eat. Want to browse all of the city’s buzz-worthy bites under one roof? These are your best bets, says local food writer Elspeth Velten

North Fork: Welcome to the Un-Hamptons

One of the historical holiday colonies of the American Northeast, The Hamptons is the super-exclusive province of millionaires and billionaires. While the smart set stay south, the bargain hunters and tastemakers head for the spectacular wetlands of Long Island’s North Fork. But how long can it retain its innocence? Mark Jones pays a visit

The freezing trail from Alaska to Vancouver

Seasoned independent traveller Simon Calder doesn't do cruises. But hold the light entertainment: the cruise from Alaska to Vancouver is a journey to the rugged, freezing, awe-inspiring edge of the world

Washington: beyond the West Wing

A kindred spirit of Harlem in NYC, Washington’s U Street was known as ‘Black Broadway’ in the 1950s. After a cycle of decline, regeneration and gentrification, Chris Leadbeater finds that the area never really lost its soul

Banks: my LA

The singer-songwriter sensation and LA local gives Britt Collins the inside track on where to shop, eat and see live music in Los Angeles

San Francisco: Maupin's real Tales of the City

He's been called the man who ‘invented San Francisco' but with his final Tales of the City book in the bag, has Armistead Maupin moved on? He talks to Eva Wiseman about fame, fans and visiting Russia

Seattle's best street food

To celebrate the Chowtzer Awards for the world's best fast, cheap and street-style food this weekend, we ask Seattle food blogger Naomi Bishop some quickfire questions about her favourite local mouthfuls

Five of Austin's best swimming holes

What could be better than visiting one of the USA's hippest and fastest-growing cities this summer? A range of cooling pools to jump into when the heat gets too much. Isabelle D'Arcy Clark picks some of the best spots to take a dip.